INNOVA-TECH has customers in all major industrial markets, distributing goods globally and thus we enjoy a stability of trading rarely experienced in the world of manufacturing. This secure base has enabled our customers over time to rely on us and in many cases to use us as their only manufacturing source. They are enjoying the benefits that partnerships bring and together we aim to outperform both ours and our customers competition.

We consistently endeavour to improve the high standards of service to our customers and continuously seek to improve the scope and quality of service. This is done through a structured approach to both investment in capital and more importantly in our people. SIS was founded to solve mid-tier problems — the middle of the bell curve where IT managers face a steady diet of technology upgrades, application rollouts and business problems which require resources beyond their own.

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HONEYWELL氣體偵測器 / 氣體測試儀器 / 租賃服務





  1. 傅立葉轉換紅外線光譜儀( Fourier transform infrared,FTIR) 具有on-site,同時量測多種氣體,即時連續監測( real-time monitoring)的特點
  2. 2.Honeywell Gas Detector (MIDAS/XCD/PGD)


A.MST Satellite XT (Satellite Portable Gas Detector /MST Satellite PGD)
B.毒氣氣體偵測器 HONEYWELL Midas (Midas Sensor Cartridge )
C.Sensepoint XCD GAS DETECTOR XCD transmitter
Flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detector for industrial applications


居家型一氧化碳偵測器 SF-450EN Honeywell SF450EN Carbon Monoxide Alarm /ez-sense Flammable Gas Detector Pen

防爆型火燄探測器 UV/IR光學火燄探測器 FD Series UV/IR UV/IR Flame Detector

UV/IR Flame Detectors /TRIPLE IR Flame Detectors ( FD-HA-UVS-A-X / FD-HA-UV/IRS-A-X / FD-HA-IR3S-A-X / Test Lamp Kits )

極早期煙霧偵測設備 Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST)





任何廠牌的電化學式或觸媒燃燒式氣體偵測器校準需要經過一個嚴謹的訓練 來執行,否則很可能因不夠完善的程序校正及器材整備而產生大量的偏移。 任何終端用戶在沒有正規的訓練下進行的調校,反而會造成氣體安全防護系 統的漏洞。在校正程序中對儀器進行不適當的調整會導致儀器對待測真實氣 體洩露濃度產生過度靈敏或反應鈍化之現象。另外,不當的校正氣體濃度供 應及未經訓練的程序也會導致偵測元件(SENSOR)的毒化。因此強烈建議只合 格的、經過培訓的人員才可以對氣體偵測器進行校正。

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Honeywell Gas Detection

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detection problems.
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Fixed Gas Detection
(Flammable and Toxic)
乙烯 丙烯 propylene propene 偵測
propylene - ‎丙烯
Propene Propylene - Gas Detection
gas sensors for propylene gas
Propylene Gas Alarm Detector

Midas® Gas Detector
Midas Sensor

MST Technology
 MST Satellite XT 4-20
MST Satellite XT 9602-0200 4-20 mA
MST Satellite XT 9602-0205 4-20 mA/R
MST Satellite XT 9602-0250 4-20 mA/C
MST Extractive Module XT
MST Pyrolyzer Module XT

Satellite XT Transmitter with Sensor
 Impact / Impact Pro Multi-Gas Detectors
Enforcer Calibration Accessory
PHD6™ Multi-Gas Detector
IQ6™ Docking Station
ToxiPro® Single Gas Detector
IQ Express™ Docking Station
MultiPro™ Multi-Gas Detector
MultiPro IQ Express™ Docking Station
Posi 3 USB™
XNX Universal Gas Transmitter
Sensepoint XCD
Sensepoint XCD RTD
Sensepoint XCD RFD
Series 3000 MkII Transmitter with Sensor
Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas Detector
Searchpoint Optima Plus Point Infrared Gas Detector
HA20 Digital Gas Controller
HA40 Digital Gas Controller
HA71 Digital Gas Controller
HA72 Flexible 16-64 Digital Gas Controller
705 HT Series of Flammable Gas Sensors
Apex Transmitter with Sensor
Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector
System 57 Controller
Unipoint Controller
XLS140-2 Fire Alarm Control Panel


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